Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lil Dribblers

I started basketball yesterday and I had so much fun. We just practice, it is called a clinic. I get to practice dribbling, passing, catching and shooting with about 24 other kids. I can't wait to go back next Saturday, but I was not too keen on getting up early in the morning. (You can see me yawning in one of the pictures).

My Dog Buddy

Just before New Years Mommy had to take Macie to the vet because she was sick and hurting really bad. Macie was too sick and now she is in heaven, I have been very sad and non-stop talking about getting another dog to play with. I must be pretty good at convincing because Mommy finally gave in and took me to the Humane Society to find a new dog. I liked this brown dog and we took him out in the pen to play, he let me do whatever I wanted to him and didn't make a peep. He loves to chase the ball when I throw it for him and he even goes down the slide with me. I love my new "dog buddy" as I call him. We named him Nike and he loves it at his new house with us.

Happy New Year 2010!

New Years was so much fun, Mommy and I went to Seguin and spent it with Deana, Robert, Kristian, Kyle and Mimi and John. We had a huge bonfire, made smores, shot lots of fireworks and got to do boy things in the country all weekend. I love going there, and Mommy has a hard time getting me to leave. Can't wait to go back.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Time to Play!

Thanks for the shaving kit Santa, now I am clean shavin!

I'm not sure if Beautiful and Uncle Curt will have any trees left when I get done.

My very own weedeater so I can work in the yard.

Uncle Curt helped me shoot Jaycie's air soft gun, it shoots really fast!

Ok, Beautiful (aka Aunt Lisa) your car is almost fixed, it should purr like a kitten now!

Watch out deer here I come!

Boy that was a hard day of playing with all my toys!

He Finally Came!

Guess I was good afterall!

I'm trying to wake up, so I can see if Santa came.

Look, I found a tree to cut down with my chainsaw!

Rocky the Robot Truck, all I have talked about getting from Santa for months now.

I'm ready to help blow off the sidewalk after I mow the yard. And I must have my safety goggles on for protection.
All these toys are "my very own" and "just what I always wanted"

Let's Open Some Presents!

Finally the time has come to open some presents. On Christmas Eve I got to open all the presents that Mommy, Grandma and Grandpa got me. Boy did I have fun this year.

Preparing for Santa's Big Arrival

Getting ready for Santa sure is a lot of work. We baked cookies, decorated them and still had to feed the reindeer. Can't wait for him to arrive.

Monday, December 21, 2009

My New Home

I loved staying in the motel, I did not want to come back home to San Antonio. All I could talk about was wanting to live in the motel room because the bed had weenie pillows.

Random pics from Big D

Here are some pics that were taken at some hotels in Dallas when we were on our trip.

Ice Ice Baby!!

We went to Ice! (Ice sculpture scenes to the Grinch). It is about 5 degrees in the building so we had to bundle up like little snow bunnies. They had an ice slide, snow, and lots of colored ice. I really thought it "looked like Christmas Eve in there".